Sweet Honey

Spiced Chai Biscotti

If I’m going to Starbucks more often than not I’m ordering a Chai Latte. I love the flavors of all the different spices paired with the creaminess of the milk. Unfortunately, since my gallbladder surgery two years ago I have developed an intolerance to dairy products, so I don’t get to enjoy lattes as much as I used to. To be totally honest though I haven’t cut all dairy out of my life. I mean, my love of cheese is just too strong!

I came across a recipe for Spiced Chai Biscotti from Tastes Lovely, and a huge bonus is that it’s dairy free!!! It also happens to be the easiest biscotti recipe I’ve ever come across (no cutting in butter!), and it’s tasty and full of flavor!

The spices used in this recipe are cardamom, clove, cinnamon, ginger, white pepper and star anise. Tip: buy the star anise whole and grind it yourself. You retain a lot more of the flavor this way. If you don’t have a spice grinder you can find one at Bed Bath & Beyond for only $10 (don’t forget that 20% coupon!).

When Natalie from Tastes Lovely says the dough is going to be dry she’s not exaggerating. If you find yours is too dry (like mine was) you can add one tablespoon of water and mix it in with your hands. Also, don’t worry if your loaf doesn’t look perfect! I promise it won’t matter in the end. Do make sure they are even in thickness though.

I’m one of those people that love my biscotti a little thicker, but you can choose whatever thickness you want when cutting them. Once the biscotti have been baked off and they’re in the cooling phase you can get started on your glaze. I ended up making my tea double strength because I wanted a stronger chai flavor, and I also added an extra teaspoon of tea to the glaze to make it a bit runnier.

This recipe is difficult to mess up, and you’ll feel like you’re a professional baker after making these. They just turn out so perfect! It’s also one of those recipes that’s going to leave your house smelling like a wonderful blend of spices! Biscotti is one of my favorite baked goods to pair with coffee, but if you have a great sweet breakfast recipe please share below!