Sweet Honey

Buttery Earl Grey Shortbread Cookie

One of the reasons I decided to start a blog is to have a place to share the creations I’m baking up in the kitchen. I am by no means a professional baker of any kind, and I have had more than my fair share of failures, but that has yet to deter me from trying to fatten up my friends and family with delicious recipes I find. My love for baking really only started about five years ago when I started making organic dog treat recipes for Kona, and from there I ventured out to pie design and anything I can find that is deliciously sweet.

So, fair warning, most of the recipes I will be posting are not recipes I have developed myself. Most of the recipes I try are those that someone far more talented than myself has created. My goal is to share some great recipes that I have found, because I love nothing more than someone sharing a great recipe with me. I will always make sure to share a link to the original recipe I used and will let you know any variations I tried. Most of the recipes I try also make great gifts for neighbors, coworkers or hostesses with the right packaging. I put these Early Grey Shortbread cookies in a cute little bag and tied it up with string, and shared them with friends.

For this post I wanted to share these Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies by Claire Robinson. Lately I have been watching old episodes of Downton Abbey, which always makes me want to swap my usual morning coffee for some English breakfast tea and a good shortbread cookie. Let me tell you, if you love a good buttery cookie with the taste of earl grey tea you won’t be disappointed with this recipe! With this recipe I did infuse my butter with earl grey tea and let it sit overnight, which gives the cookie a much stronger tea taste, and that’s what I wanted. Whether you decide to infuse your butter or not, this a great easy recipe that goes perfectly with a cold winter day and a little Matthew Crowley!