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    Spiced Chai Biscotti

    If I’m going to Starbucks more often than not I’m ordering a Chai Latte. I love the flavors of all the different spices paired with the creaminess of the milk. Unfortunately, since my gallbladder surgery two years ago I have developed an intolerance to dairy products, so I don’t get to enjoy lattes as much as I used to. To be totally honest though I haven’t cut all dairy out of my life. I mean, my love of cheese is just too strong! I came across a recipe for Spiced Chai Biscotti from Tastes Lovely, and a huge bonus is that it’s dairy free!!! It also happens to be the easiest biscotti recipe…

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    Sugar Cookie Lemon Bars

    I’m a huge fan of lemons, so much so that you can find a few in my fridge at any given time. I use them when I cook, and I always keep a pitcher of lemon water in my fridge, so you’ll be surprised to hear I don’t bake with them. For some reason my love of lemons ends at dessert, and in all honesty I’m pretty disappointed when I find out a dessert is lemon flavored. Don’t worry – I’m well aware that this is pretty weird. Well, this week my coworker asked if I would bake some type of lemon dessert for her birthday. Of course I wasn’t…

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