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Easter Basket Ideas For Babies and Toddlers

If you’ve known me for longer than a minute than you know I get a little crazy about the holidays. I hate to use the word crazy, but in this case it’s warranted. My friends, family and husband have had to reel me back in a few times from going way over the top with my plans and decorations. I mean, renting a live reindeer for a Christmas party does not sound absurd to me in the slightest. Side note: If you are person who has done this, message me! I want to be best friends!

Last Easter Olivia was not even five months old and I already wanted to make her an Easter basket, never mind the fact that she wasn’t really playing with many toys or even crawling. My husband somehow successfully talked me into waiting another year before I made her a basket or set up an egg hunt. So here we are a year later (which blows my mind), and the crazy planner in me has already assembled Olivia’s Easter basket, planned her outfit, and I had my husband set up a mock Easter egg hunt to test her skills. See why I used the word “crazy”? In my defense I always plan gifts far in advance, and my husband’s aunt sets up an amazing and elaborate Easter egg hunt every year. My husband still talks about the Easter egg hunts she would set up for him and his cousins when they were children. This year is going to be the first year she can really participate, and since she has no experience and is going up against last year’s champ (her 5 year old cousin) we decided to throw some plastic eggs on the ground to see what she would do. Surprisingly, she understood the concept! She did seem to get pretty attached to whatever egg she picked up though, so I don’t think there will be any real competition for her cousin this year.

So, while Olivia and Ian were practicing for the great egg hunt, I was prepping her basket. What I noticed when I was shopping is that it’s hard to think of non-candy options for little kids, and even harder to find themed items that aren’t choking hazards for children under 3! So if you are running into the same problem I did, or if you just need a few extra ideas for a child’s Easter basket, keep reading. Here’s what I put in Olivia’s Easter basket and a few extra ideas I found!

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids Under Three:

  • Sleepwear – Check out the cutest bunny sleep set from Gap! Even better, it’s on sale J
  • Books – I bought Ollie’s Easter Eggs, but there are ton of Easter themed options! Link is to Amazon, but I found mine at HomeGoods for $3.99!
  • Insulated Straw Cups or Sippy Cups from The First Years – they come in a 2-pk and can be found at Target
  • Bunny Ears – I got mine at Pottery Barn Kids, and Olivia looks so cute in them!
  • Hair Bows (or bow ties, socks, shoes…) – if you have a bow obsession like I do check out Little Butt Bowtique! I purchased 90% of Olivia’s bows from this shop, and if you purchase you’ll be helping out a small business!
  • Plush Toys – I have the chick plush from Pottery Barn Kids, but it seems to be sold out! They have a lot of other options though. I usually buy the small size for Olivia.
  • Bath Toys – There are so many cute options out there, but these are even Easter themed!
  • Snacks – Currently Olivia loves anything cereal or puffed, but you could do something like Annie’s Bunny Grahams if you want to keep on theme!
  • Bubble Bath – Olivia just had her first bubble bath a couple weeks ago and we love The Honest Company products, especially since she likes to try and eat the bubbles too! You can get them online or you can usually find them at Target.

While I’m sure Olivia could care less if I make her an Easter basket, I love the idea of starting this tradition with her. If you have any other great ideas for kids under 3 please leave them in the comments below!